IC-Direct is Reliability

Our corporate guidelines formulate what we are striving for. They serve us to orient our daily actions and form the foundation for satisfied customers.

Client Orientation

The focus of our attention and activities is on increasing our customer benefit. We offer our customers intelligent and flexible solutions in every phase of our co-operation. We are committed not only to providing a quality relevant and reliable service, but also offer professional support and goal-oriented consulting, because satisfied customers are our future.


We want to achieve optimum procurement quality by choosing quality-conscious suppliers. Qualitatively flawless products offer the quality basis for fulfilling the customer's requirements.


As a customer-oriented supplier with a comprehensive understanding of details, we make an essential contribution to the competitiveness of our customers. A high level of performance and responsible business conduct are reflected in all our activities. With quality, reliability and adherence to delivery dates, we consistently meet the requirements of our customers. We set the standards for the future by continuously improving our processes.


The safe handling of our customers' and suppliers' data as well as the preservation of their and our trade secrets is a matter of course for us. We maintain an honest, open and cooperative relationship that is designed for long-term cooperation.


We want to serve our customers with professional competence, motivation and in a friendly and personal manner at all times. We support our employees in their professional development. We promote a relationship based on partnership with our customers and suppliers.

Economic Efficiency

Our success factors are economic action, customer- and market-oriented thinking. Economic success requires constant improvement and is an absolute prerequisite for the pursuit of our corporate mission. Only in this way can we maintain and expand our position as an international distributor in the future.


As an international distributor of electronic components, IC-Direct consistently promotes sustainable growth, driven by its comprehensive understanding of sustainability (certified to ISO 14064-1:2019), for the benefit of all stakeholders, contributing to a brighter future.

Future Orientation

We develop our future strategies through constant and thorough observation of market developments. We take advantage of the opportunities offered by globalization and develop initiatives by which we can systematically improve the quality of our services. We see change as an opportunity to implement innovations in a targeted and consistent manner.